Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Lure of Alaska

Juneau photgraphed from the Kiksadi gillnetter.
by Robert L. Gisel

 It is no myth: Alaska is a magical land. Its scenic beauty is breathtaking. The very extremes defy life. Yet living there brings out the best in more more ways than one.

 Invariably when I say I'm from Alaska it elicits the comment, always wanted to go there. Or having been there, want to go there again. Truly it is an experience that never leaves you.

 It is the land, it is the the wildlife, it is the people that make it an unforgettable experience. It becomes you like no other place I have been. Thus the saying, once an Alaskan, always an Alaskan.

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Aurora said...

one reason Alaska is still so magical is the lack or people...;-)

Robert L. Gisel said...

I notice that the last census finally logged a total population just above 700,000.

That is like having the ten-state area from New Mexico up to Montana all the way out to the West Coast, occupied by only 700,000 persons, about 70,000 per state. Put them all in a few cities and the rest of the place is empty.

Now, you can really hear yourself think.