Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exposure Alaska -- Active Tours

by Robert L. Gisel

Now this is what I have been talking about -- swing a paddle, left an ice pick, extreme Alaska, go anywhere the tour boat isn't. The tour guide company Exposure Alaska has a trip for everyone, and if you don't see it in their itinerary then they will help you make one up.

The owners say about the business "After living, working and traveling around the world, we've made Alaska our home because there's really no place else on earth quite like it." (Emphasis mine.) This is what prompted me to write a book about Alaska, to start the blog Once An Alaskan, and to help promote tourism for people who really want to reach out to the wilds of Alaska.

To stand and look from the deck of a cruise liner you will see memorable scenerama. When you spend some time paddling with whales in the salt water mist, tossing down the rapids, backpacking through remote woods, or mounting the glacier, this is live experience which will impact you even more with its rich experience.  "Sure you might get a little tired and wet, but the rewards will be well worth it."
You can see I am a firm believer in activities that put one hands on with the wilds of Alaska, so I can relate to the guiding services provided by Exposure Alaska.

This site came up on a Google search for a winter dog sled tour but I didn't find this on their site. The winter tours button went to a "page cannot be found", however. The principles Don and Tina document their having worked at the South Pole so this would very likely include dog sledding experience, but I'm stretching. Perhaps they will fill me in when I can get my cell phone back from where I left it.


Alaska Don said...

This is Don Wray, co-owner of Exposure Alaska. Thanks for writing about our program!
We indeed have spent a lot of time in Antarctica, but not this season. And by the way, there are no dogs there by international treaty (since the 90's or so I think). I believe the concern was that dogs would introduce disease to indigenous wildlife there.

You may have seen the Disney film, Eight Below about a team of dogs left behind there as winter was coming on. Loosely based on a true story.

It's a very Disney-esque film but one of the more accurate in portraying how we live, dress and work down there. The set really does like like a field camp.

Back in AK, we sometimes offer winter trips, it's more of a specialized thing and we are not doing it this year. We do not however offer dog sled trips, owning and taking care of a team of dogs is a HUGE undertaking!

Robert L. Gisel said...

@Alaska Don. Thanks for clarifying that. Yes, it was the Disney film I saw.

I won't put you down for a dog sled tour, but I still like the rest of what you do. The Iditarod set all have big kennels, LOTS of dogs, and a big commitment for sure.

A custom winter trip is good for those who want to find out it is not so formidable after all.

I would think a good summer glacier climb should satisfy most curiosities.