Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best of Kenai Fijords National Park

Kenai Peninsula tour, day 2.
by Robert L. Gisel

 Surfing links today I came across a great 5-day tour that has a variety of activities and gets one involved. It is too weird to use a cliche and call it proactive?

 Still, you get a train ride, kayaking, boat tour, whales maybe (they have to be home), over water, over land, Alaska fjords and glaciers. This is a pretty good 5-day package for doing the Alaska thing. Just leave your laptop at home, you won't want it where you are going.

 Alaska Heritage Tours calls this their Best of  Kenai Fjords National Park 5 days/ 4 nights. This is one of the partner companies of of the CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation of Alaska Natives, links at the bottom of their web page. In other words, authentic Alaska.

 Look at their itinerary below.

Kenai Fjords 5-Day Tour:

Day 1: Anchorage / Seward / Fox Island


Day 2: Fox Island / Sea Kayaking


Day 3: Fox Island / Seward


Day 4: Seward

thumbnailDay 5: Seward / Anchorage

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